Panopto Accessibility Statement

Panopto is the name of the audio-visual system at Leeds Conservatoire. We run a Panopto installation with theme alterations to match our brand. Much of the accessibility functionality is part of the core Panopto system.

We use Panopto to:

  • Run our lecture capture service
  • Host internal video content and student-created videos that are relevant to their work at Leeds Conservatoire
  • Live stream specific events (e.g. our Gala and Graduation)

Closed Captions

Some videos on Panopto have machine generated closed captions, but these may have inaccuracies due to automatic speech recognition. We are reviewing the use of automatic captions on all recorded video content and will update this statement to reflect our decision.

If you require improved captions for a video, contact:

  • email
  • call +44 (0) 113 222 3400

We will consider your request and get back to you within two working days.

Interface and text resizing

We are aware that the Panopto interface does not adjust correctly to browser size or zoom settings. We have made Panopto aware of this issue and will update this statement with more information once we have received a response from the developers.

Audio descriptions

We create approximately 9,000 to 10,000 minutes of video content a week on Panopto.  During our assessments, we found it takes multiple staff members (for recording, editing and uploading) approximately two hours to develop one minute of audio description. We are aware of 1.3% of our student body would benefit from audio descriptions on video content. Considering the resources required, we believe it is currently a disproportionate burden for us to provide audio descriptions for all video content.

We work with affected students individually to provide content in alternate formats or create audio descriptions for their required videos. If you require a version with audio description of a video hosted on Panopto, or the information in an alternate format, contact:

  • email
  • call +44 (0) 113 222 3400
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