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This is an opportunity to have your music used and synchronised on Leeds Conservatoire’s promotional materials

Students can have their work published across our own web pages, as well as social media platforms etc. It also provides successful candidates some early experience of the Library/Production music world.

Unlike many commercial platforms offering similar services, we will ensure that you are notified and properly credited. We also provide payment for any works utilised.

Licence Agreement

For the security and safety of both Leeds Conservatoire and any student submission, an industry specialist law firm has drafted an appropriate agreement.

On submission of a track you will be required to agree to these legally binding terms. We don’t expect you to require legal advice prior to agreeing, as we have ensured that the terms are flexible and career supportive.

It is important to make clear that although we require you to sign the agreement on submission of tracks, it will not apply unless we choose to use any of your music, and will commence if and when we do. In effect, this pre-agreement enables us to act quickly should we choose to use your music alongside any promotional materials.

You can view the agreement here

Submission Details

Who owns the music if Leeds Conservatoire choose to use it?

The artist 100% owns the music, with the Conservatoire just licensing the song on a non-exclusive basis to be used in the chosen video.


Can I use the song/music elsewhere?

Yes you can continue to use your music elsewhere, as we only license its use on a non-exclusive basis.


How long does the license period last?

We will licence the track for as long as the video is displayed online.


How does payment work?

If we choose to use your work in one of our videos, we offer a flat fee of £30 per video. This video may be used across several platforms e.g. Leeds Conservatoire website, Youtube, Facebook etc. You will also be credited appropriately on the video.


Can I ask for my song to be removed from a video?

We are here to support your careers. If you require a song to be removed due to signing exclusive licensing agreements, a publishing deal or any other reasonable reason we can remove the track.

We do ask that you give us 28 days to remove a song from any video, as we may need to find a suitable replacement.

Track Requirements

Please ensure you fulfil the following requirement:

  • Mastered/finished versions of any tracks you submit.
  • If appropriate instrumental versions of the same track (if a top line/lead vocal is on the original track).
  • Any swearing to be removed from the recording.
  • You must own the publishing and master rights to the songs submitted.
  • If using samples, these must be 100% cleared for use.
  • Only submit one track at a time.
Submit Track

Please make sure you have read all of the supporting documentation prior to submitting works.


Click here to submit your track


If you have any questions regarding this support, please feel free to get in touch.

Applications are now open to play at this year's @liveatleedsfest - apply by 5 Sept: https://t.co/D5cB6hqQL9
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