Agne Bergelyte

Note: Agne completed our MMus Creative Musician programme in 2019.

"The programme has helped me develop in many ways! It helped me think about my work from various different perspectives, I feel like I have improved as a vocalist and as a performer."


Agne Bergelyte - MMus Creative Musician (now MA Music)

Agne is a classically trained violinist. After graduating from Klaipėda Stasys Šimkus Conservatoire in Lithuania she moved to Liverpool to expand her popular music / creative side. 

She played in a number of bands whilst studying a BA Music/Popular Music course at University of Liverpool, graduating in 2013. She also released a mini-album Behind The Light, before joining the MMus Postgraduate programme (now MA Music) at Leeds Conservatoire. 

Agne graduated in the summer of 2019. 

What was your musical / academic background before undertaking the course and why did you choose to study at Masters level?

I have been a classically trained violinist since I was 6 and started playing piano since I was 12-years-old. After I graduated Klaipėda Stasys Šimkus Conservatoire in Lithuania I moved to Liverpool in order to expand myself on a popular/creative side instead, as I always wanted to pursue a songwriting and performing career.

Since moving to the UK I played in a few bands while studying a BA Music/Popular Music course at the University of Liverpool, finally settling on a solo project Agita Cor after graduating in 2013. During the 4 year gap before starting my life at LCoM I have released a mini-album Behind The Light, performed in various venues in Liverpool and appeared on local television Made in Liverpool TV.

However, I felt a need for change since I was still finding myself as a musician (hence the name change to Breaching Me) and more professional help to improve, which is the reason I have chosen to go for a Masters degree. Leeds Conservatoire seemed to have the perfect course for me as it encourages you to develop your own unique sound and offers help whenever needed.

What has been the most important thing you've learned at Leeds Conservatoire?

To accept and embrace the unexpected! Even though I have only been studying at Leeds Conservatoire for a few months, I have faced various challenges and many involved getting me out of my comfort zone. Even though it was difficult at first, I could not be happier about it now and I am looking forward to developing my sound even more!


What are you plans after you have graduated the course?

I am planning to do a lot of recording and self-promotion. That's about it so far at least!

How has the course helped you develop as an artist and what skills have you built on from your undergraduate study / previous experience?

The programme has helped me develop in many ways! It helped me think about my work from various different perspectives, I feel like I have improved as a vocalist, and mostly, as a performer. Performing always used to be my downfall as I have always had stage fright. However, after enrolling to this course it has changed drastically; half a year ago I would not have thought that I would perform as I did a couple of months ago!

What has been the best project / opportunity you've had during your course?

I would say there were a few! I was able to take part in a few bands as a backing vocalist which let me observe and learn from other artists in regards to managing a band, which I have never done before completely on my own.

That was rewarding regarding my individual improvement of working with bands in the future, however, I must say the most interesting and new project for me was interpreting a graphic score. Before I got around to doing it I thought it would be a great challenge; however, it ended up flowing out really easily, which made me consider taking part in similar projects in the future. You just never know!

What has been the biggest challenge and how has this helped you develop?

As I have mentioned before, I have problems with performance anxiety and stage fright, so the biggest challenge was to find and not be afraid to show myself as a performer as well as a creator. As soon as I realised that performing is not that different from playing an instrument, everything has changed. I have found that it requires just as much creative effort as anything else, which I aim to develop in the future just as much.


What is your favourite Leeds Conservatoire Memory?

How supportive everyone is! I have gathered quite a crowd to my first recital, which was really encouraging and inspiring.

What advice would you give to others thinking of applying to the postgraduate course at Leeds Conservatoire?

Hard work definitely pays off. If you're ready to face some challenges - do it!

How would you describe your experience at Leeds Conservatoire in three words?

Progressive, Rewarding, Inspiring.

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